Complete Airsoft HPA Setup: Gladiatair 48ci 3000 psi tank and regulator with Redline Mini SFR Air system

Complete Airsoft HPA Setup: Gladiatair 48ci 3000 psi tank and regulator with Redline Mini SFR Air system

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Gladiatair A48: 48 ci Carbon Fibre HPA cylinder

Gladiatair 48 ci aluminium HPA paintball and airsoft tank

The first building block in any complete airsoft HPA package is the airtank, and the Gladiatair A48 is the perfect entry level HPA airsoft tank for players looking to get started with HPA.

Built from sturdy 6061 aluminium, there is a reason that most paintball fields run A48s. They just keep going and going and going. Then they go some more. With an unlimited lifetime, you can use this HPA tank for as long as you like  

With a sub 1 Kg weight, and a massive air capacity, the U88 is the perfect HPA tank for airsoft players that want to play all day without needing to refill or switch tanks.


Gladiatair Warriair Regulator

Gladiatair 3000 psi HPA paintball airsoft regulator

The next piece in your complete HPA airsoft package is the Gladiatair WarriAir Paintball regulator. This regulator is necessary to bring the high pressure air inside the tank down to about 800 psi before it goes into the Redline Airsoft low pressure regulator. If the pressure is higher than this, there is a risk of breaking the low pressure airsoft regulator.


Redline Airsoft Mini-SFR Low Pressure Regulator

Redline Airsoft Mini SFR low pressure regulator

From there, the air goes through the Redline Mini-SFR low pressure regulator, where the pressure is further reduced to around 100 psi, the pressure required for a tapped GBB magazine, or HPA Engine.

The Mini SFR is the only balanced regulator sold for use in airsoft. What this means is that its output pressure is unaffected by changes to its input pressure. So even as the HPA tank pressure drops, the Mini SFR's output pressure, and therefore the guns velocity, will remain unchanged. This allows you to shoot the air tank to low pressure with no performance decrease. Effectively giving you more shots from your complete HPA airsoft package.