PCP Air System

Ultra Light Carbon Fibre cylinders for filling air rifles.  The lightweight of these cylinders makes them portable enough to carry into the bush. High-pressure cylinders with a 310 Bar  (4500 PSI) service pressure to maximise the number of fills you can make before the SHOOTAIR Cylinder has lower pressure than the Air Rifle.

A special air rifle filling valve with a gauge that shows the outlet pressure instead of the cylinder pressure and reduces flow for filling air rifles.

Easy to fill, take the cylinder to any authorised Air filling station and they will fill it with breathing air. The connection is a DIN 300 which is commonly used in the Scuba Diving, shipping, and emergency response sector.

Unlimited cylinder life to reduce the cost of ownership.

Complete range of cylinder sizes from 2L to 10L.

Global certification ensuring cylinders are legal for use in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA and many other countries around the world.

Supplied with a filling hose to connect to the filling adaptor supplied by your gun manufacturer.  Our connection is female 1/8” BSP – you may need an adaptor.


If you are missing your charging probe or would like a spare, we have an extensive range of PCP charging probes and quick fit connectors. Which make life easier if you want to use one charging probe on multiple filling systems or different charging probes on the Shootair PCP Air Rifle Filling cylinder.  An example of this situation is if you go hunting in the bush with a couple of friends, you may all need to connect different PCP Charging probes and this will be easy with quick fit connectors.