GladiatAir Paintball Banner

GladiatAir Paintball Banner

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This banner measures 90 cm wide by 57 cm tall, and features the infamous GladiatAir "Splat" logo.

Whether you are a die hard fan of GladiatAir air tanks, a casual paintballer, or have never even played paintball, the GladiatAir paintball banner will be right at home on your wall.

Bedrooms, club rooms, bath rooms, sun rooms, benches, fences, and more. There is (nearly) no limit to the places this sweet banner will go.

With four metal holes, this sweet banner can be attached to surfaces with screws, nails, pins, zip ties, and just about anything that can be used to attach things to other things.

The opportunity to spice up the nearest flat surface &/or your life is just a few clicks away...