Shootair Carry Bag

Shootair Carry Bag

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This protective carry bag is the perfect option for anyone wanting to keep their Shootair bag safe and free from any damage or dust.

This bag has a padded lining and adjustable straps on the inside to secure your cylinder in place. It also has a hose pouch so you can store your hose lengthways to maintain durability of your charging hose. In addition to this, it also has a pouch that's the perfect size to fit things like ammunition and fill adapters.

The cross stitched handles will ensure long term durability and can easily withstand the weight of an S10 cylinder, making it a must have accessory for those wanting to transport their Shootair cylinder safely.

The bag is designed for the S7, S9 and S10 however it could be used with the smaller sizes as well. 

     - Length - 700mm
     - Diameter - 200mm