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UN cylinders MUST have an import certificate issued by Worksafe New Zealand to be filled in New Zealand.  You cannot just purchase UN certified cylinders online from overseas and import them, they are not legal for use without a Worksafe New Zealand import certificate.  Cylinders need to be inspected and manufacturers certification reviewed by an inspector in New Zealand before the import certificate is issued to protect our nation from poorly manufactured cylinders.

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The best way to avoid any problems with having a UN cylinder filled in a dive shop in New Zealand, is to keep a copy of the import certificate supplied with the cylinder and take it with you each time you have it filled. If you lose your import certificate you can ask your cylinder supplier to supply a new one or you can ask the Dive shop to access the online database held by Worksafe NZ that shows all the registered UN cylinders.  Please be aware this list is not live and it can take 4 – 6 months...

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Most Scuba bottles in New Zealand have a LAB number but there is an exception when it is not required.  If a scuba bottle has been manufactured to ISO standards, has the correct “UN” markings and an import certificate has been issued by an authorised inspector it can be filled in New Zealand by any dive shop. You can verify these facts by referring to: Part 15.3 of the HSWA Haz Subs regulations states the regulations relating to Precomissioning of cylinders (LAB numbers) do not appy to dive bottles marked under part of the UN model regulations.  http://www.legislation.govt.nz/regulation/public/2017/0131/25.0/DLM7310579.html   ...

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