SCUBA Diving Tanks and Valves

Scubair Dive tanks are well balanced to provide a comfortable, horizontal dive experience. The alloy scuba diving tanks have a brushed finish to provide superior grip. The unlimited life design reduces ownership cost. The alloy scuba diving tanks also have global certification. This ensures they are legal in Australia, New Zealand, North America, Europe, and many other countries around the world. Perfect for divers and charter boats that travel across borders.

The Scubair combo scuba valve is manufactured with high precision to ensure longevity and reliability. The combo scuba valve has both yoke and DIN 200 outlet connections and is suitable for use with cylinder service pressures ranging from 207 to 230 Bar. To ensure we comply with Australian and New Zealand standards that stipulate burst discs must go off before the cylinder reaches test pressure, this combo scuba valve is fitted with a 4,500 PSI Burst Disc.