Spare Parts Kit for Scubair Tank Valve

Spare Parts Kit for Scubair Tank Valve

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This kit has everything you need to service the Scubair combo valve making it the perfect kit for dive shops, charter boats, dive clubs and DIY types alike! It also has a drawing that breaks down the valve assembly so you know where each part belongs.

Each kit contains:

- 3 x Seat and Plug (SVSP02)

- 2 x Bonnet Nut (SVSP04)

- 5 x Packing Disc (SVSP05)

- 1 x Handwheel (SVSP06)

- 3 x Handwheel Fixed Nut (SVSP07)

- 3 x Spindle (SVSP08)

- 3 x Handwheel Spring (SVSP09)

- 3 x Packing Disc (SVSP10)

- 5 x '230 Bar Burst Pressure' Sticker (SVSP11)

- 5 x 310 Bar Burst Discs (SVSP12)

- 10 of each O-Ring (SVSP13, SVSP15 SVSP16, SVSP17)

- 3 x Moisture Tube (SVSP14)

- 3 x DIN200 to YOKE Adapter (SVSP18)